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To Social Media or Not to Social Media – That is the Question

April 11, 2013

Many organizations today are faced with a conundrum that Nick Hayes of Forrester Research calls “social media binary”, where there are only two options to social media control: 1)“Where all the World’s a Stage” – and allow unrestricted access to social networks, and potentially expose the company to myriad security, regulatory, reputational, and other risks, or 2)“Not Budge an Inch” – and set and enforce policy that completely forbids the use of social media while at work, and forgo potentially lucrative business opportunities for the firm.

Fortunately there is a third option. 3)“Though this be Madness, There is Method in it” – Use NextPlane UC Exchange UC to Social Media Federation where users now can authenticate to their social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, or Salesforce Chatter directly from their UC client to:

  • Update their status
  • Post messages to multiple social media feeds
  • Send private messages to other users
  • Participate in social group discussions and trending topics
  • Search users
  • Search groups

By federating their UC platforms with social networks organizations can allow their end-users to have access to social networks while exercising control.

UC Exchange policy enforcement feature gives organizations control over which users are allowed or denied access by social media networks. For instance, a financial services organization can enforce a policy that allows only non-regulated users (by SIP or XMPP address) to be able to post to twitter and Facebook.

NextPlane’s UC Exchange can help and it need not take “For Ever and a Day”.



One Comment
  1. Social media tools allow you to engage your existing clients and employees too; they can become involvedin therecruitment process passing on information to interested friends and colleagues. This again opens up a whole new network of potential business.

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