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Thou Shalt Not Worship False Idols – Finding Federation Ready Companies?

September 16, 2013

As we discussed in our previous post, one of the perils of Do-it-Yourself (DIY) federation is trying to figure out if your external partners are “federation-ready.” Currently, there are limited external resources out there that can help companies attempting DIY federation.

There are several self-service directories for Microsoft Lync where UC admins can self-register their Lync or OCS domains ( and (As far as we know, there are no available directories like this for Sametime, Cisco WebEx Messenger, and other UC platforms.)  But, aside from the fact that these are Lync-only directories, they both have significant limitations.

First, the information they provide is neither qualified nor verified; in reality, anyone can fill out the form and register domains.


Perhaps more importantly, the directories are not actionable. Assuming the UC platform info listed in them is correct, you still have to locate their UC admins to send them federation requests.

NextPlane’s UC Exchange Members Directory solves these problems. The NextPlane UC Exchange Member’s Directory is a platform with an integrated workflow that allows members to request federation with each other. The NextPlane UC Exchange Member’s Directory is secure, the information it provides is current and verified, and most importantly, members can immediately connect with their federation-ready partners.

UC Exchange member information such as UC Type, FQDN, etc. is not shared with the public. Only qualified UC Exchange members can access this information via the NextPlane secure Management Portal.

The UC Exchange Members Directory contains only qualified and verified information since all of the listed companies have already provisioned their domains for federation and are verified as “federation-ready.”


Finally, once a company joins the UC Exchange, they can quickly search for federation-ready partners and send and receive federation requests to and from other community members regardless of their underlying UC platforms.

Joining the UC Exchange is easy and free. Simply go to and fill out the membership form.

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